We are students of the sixth class at the 14th Primary School of Acharnes.
We have been learning English for four years. We are twelve years old and we will present to you our city during the whole year.

Acharnes is a suburb of Athens situated at the foot of Parnitha Mountain. The national fauna in Parnitha is very rich and rare although there were big fires that kept many animals from living on that mountain.

In February we have the Carnival. On Clean Monday carnival period comes to its end. On that day we play outdoors, we eat halva, chick pea puree and sea food like mussels and oysters. We also fly a kite.

In March we have the parade of the National day March 25th. We celebrate the Greek revolution against the Turks. There are parades all over the country. In our area the flag bearers and students parade in the centre of Acharnes.

The biggest parade is taking place in Syntagma square in front of the monument of unknown soldier.

In April here comes Easter!!!

It’s a very big celebration for us Greeks.  Along with Jesus Christ climb to Golgothas we do the same spiritually, in church every morning and evening during the Holy Week, which precedes Easter day.

On Good Friday we have the funeral procession of Christ, which is full of wonderful flowers. Every church in Greece has got its own funeral procession.
The procession goes like this: first the bier carried by strong young men, then the priest chanting hymns and wearing lilac vestments, then boys holding lighted candles and finally the faithful follow. Everything and everybody is sad, because Christ is crucified and dead.

On Holy Saturday late at night after midnight we have the Easter ceremony in church. The ceremony is happy. As soon as the priest says “Come light your candles” we all light our colorful candles. The priest continues “Christ has risen” and then firecrackers explode. After the ceremony we go home and eat Magiritsa a Greek Easter soup and crack red hard eggs.

On Easter Day we cook lamb on the spit.

From that day on for 40 days we greet each other like this: A says: Christ has risen and B answers: He has risen indeed.

Easter customs vary all over Greece but everywhere celebrations are unique!!!

Finally it is summertime!!!

Why do students like summer? (A student's statement)

My favorite season is summer because the school ends. 
I have the time to do many different things because I don’ t have homework!! 
I can travel abroad and visit new places like London or Rome. In these places I will learn things about each country’ s culture and history. 
The weather is great and I can go to the beach and make sandcastles. I swim all day and I sunbathe. 
At night we sometimes light fires in the beach and dance. In the afternoons I play a variety of sports like football, basketball and volleyball. I can wear T- shirts and eat as much ice - cream as I want! I also meet my friends, we ride our bikes, we play video - games, we go to the park and we play in the garden. We sometimes sleep together and we have a wonderful time. 
Finally, I love summer because I can visit my grandparents who do me a lot of favors.
I am really happy that summer is on!